A Beginner’s Guide to Making Moon Water: Harnessing Lunar Energy

People accept the spiritual and healing properties of moon water, infused with the moon’s energy. Making Moon Water at Home is a simple yet powerful practice that allows you to connect with lunar energy and incorporate it into your spiritual and wellness routines.

What is moon water?

Moon water is water that has absorbed moon energy from its phases. Specific energies are associated with different lunar phases: full moons often symbolize abundance and fulfillment, while new moons symbolize beginnings and intentions. Moon water harnesses these energies to enhance rituals, meditation, and everyday practices.

Step-by-step instructions to make moon water

  • Choose your container: Select a clean, glass container to hold the water. We favor glass because it does not leach chemicals into the water and is considered more helpful for holding energy.
  • Gather Water: Use sifted or spring water to ensure virtue. Fill your container with water, leaving some space at the top for expansion during freezing (assuming that you choose to make ice).
  • Set Intentions: Prior to placing the water under the moonlight, set your intentions. Consider what you want to manifest or release, aligning your intentions with the moon phase’s energy.
  • Place Under Moonlight: Ideally, position your water container outdoors, where it can potentially receive direct moonlight exposure. If this seems unrealistic, a windowsill or balcony where moonlight can reach the water is also appealing. Leave the water for the time being, or for several hours, depending on your intentions and the moon phase.
  • Recover and Store: During the first part of the day, retrieve your moon water. Thank the moon for its energy, and keep the water in a cool, dark place away from sunlight. Some individuals choose to use moon water immediately, while others like to allow it to charge for longer periods.

How to Make Moon Water

Using Moon Water

There are numerous uses for moon water, including:

  • Cleansing rituals: Use moon water to cleanse crystals, sacred objects, or your living space.
  • Bathing: Add moon water to your bath.
  • Drinking: Some individuals drink moon water for its vigorous properties, accepting that it can enhance spiritual practices and meditation.

How to make Moon Water is a beautiful way to interface with lunar energy and enhance your spiritual process. Whether you’re drawn to the moon’s cycles for healing, manifestation, or simply to develop your association with nature, creating and using moon water can be a meaningful addition to your spiritual practices. Explore different avenues regarding different moon phases and intentions to discover how moon water can support your personal development and prosperity.