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Best Faction Servers Minecraft: A Beginner’s Guide

What Are They?

A server that uses the Factions plugin is known as a faction server.

Each faction is a group of players who can claim land to build bases and hoard items on, they can form alliances and fight other factions, the bases are usually well concealed and well protected, the plugin itself provides a layer of protection for the land owned by the factions, however, the land claimed can still be attacked indirectly, often by using TNT cannons to destroy vaults to loot stuff or to make entrances to the enemy base.

The Power System

The Best Faction Servers Minecraft have a lot of factions. Each faction’s power is dependent on the aggregate of all of its members’ powers. Each unit of power equals one chunk of land, and members acquire power by staying online or killing other players and losing power by dying. However, a member’s power cannot exceed or fall below predetermined limits.

multiplayer survival elements

The Relationships

By default, all factions are neutral to each other. The relationship between two groups is as low as the smallest of each group is inclined to go, so if one group wants an alliance, but the other wants to be neutral, they are neutral. This fact implies that starting a war does not require only one group to want to be your enemy, but both must agree on an alliance.

The Purpose

You can choose from a variety of objectives: you can build a great base, you can be the highest-ranking PVP-er, you can raid other factions’ bases to kill/loot items from them, you can populate your group with the most players, you can populate your group with the most farms, you can form the largest alliance on the server, or you can be an enemy to everyone, you can find base coordinates and sell them to other players, and so on. To get even more options, you can play on the┬áBest Faction Servers Minecraft.