Tips to prepare children for online class

As the situation is not safer because of Covid 19, in many countries, the educational classes were carried out in online. In such case, the parents are highly bothered about the attention of their children in their online class. The parents must remember that the online classes are not similar to that of the traditional learning methods. Hence they must take the responsibility and must help their children to concentrate on their online classes at the best. Some of the simple things which they can handle to help their children are revealed below.

Get rid of distractions

As the first and foremost thing the parents must provide a comfortable place for their children to attend their online classes. It is to be noted that the space which they tend to provide for their children should be free from distractions. For example, their toys should be kept away from their study space. Likewise anything that can distract them easily should be removed. Along with this, the parents must also make sure to bring parental control over their laptop, computer or other electronic device which they tend to use for their classes. This is because there will be more unwanted distractions in online. By making parental control, the parents can easily let their children to focus only on their online classes.

Approach positive

In online classes, the children will not receive any kind of appreciation from their teachers or there will not be other kind of social interaction with their teachers. Hence the children may easily lose their motivation. The parents can take the responsibility and must keep on appreciating their children for their hard work. In case if the child completes its task successfully, the parents can motivate them by offering them extra play time or by buying them their favorite toy or they can handle several other tactics to motivate their child in all the means.

Interaction with friends

One of the most important things which the children miss in their online class is their interaction with friends. But this is more important than they sound to be. During the interaction with their friends, they will feel mentally relaxed and they will also come up with new ideas. Hence the parents can create them opportunities to interact with their friends through online chats or through other sources. On the other side, the parents should also note whether their interaction is healthy.